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Meet Our Team.

The Rusty Pine is part of the vision of Brian and Tammy to provide good food, quality service, and a relaxing atmosphere to the Mio community that they call home. 

About Kristina.

Culinary background: 

Kristina studied under a classically trained chef where she learned about ingredient pairing and flavor profiles. She started her career as a baker and cake designer for Simply Sweet in Petoskey, creating unique sweet treats and works of art for people's special events and celebrations. She has experience as a production manager for a maple syrup company, store, and café in Charlevoix, MI. Her role invloved crafting sauces, preserves, and foods. 

Philosophy & Approach:

Kristina's philosophy centers on bringing and serving quality homemade comfort foods to the community. What makes her stand out is her unmatched love and passion for creating that leaves a lasting impression. Her goal is to continue crafting unique innovations to unite people and provide a service that is favorably remembered.

"I’ve always loved to bake. The science behind it is creative and interesting. Creating a new cookie or pastry is exciting, but more than that, watching the joy it brings others is amazing. I’m so thrilled and proud that my baked goods have become something people enjoy and bring smiles to their faces. My goal is to keep applying my creativity to bring people together."

Kristina Yost

Head Chef & Manager
 “I’ve always loved to cook and be in the kitchen. My favorite place as a child.”
Kristina Yost Head Chef & Manager
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